Monday, May 26, 2008

CaN via | V/A datamixed by dee3

Matt Jackson: Water Down the Drain / Tropic
Marko Fürstenberg: Porn Infection (Remix) / Thinner
Bjørn Svin & Christian Bloch: Stille Sind (Bloch's Memento Mix) / Fungue Droppings/Memento
Gareth Duprey: Untitled Audio#02 (Dimitri Pike Remix) / Wildub
Carl Taylor: Anagyn / (Unreleased)
The Reminder: Lite On / Etiku World Rec.
Roger van Lunteren: Octoplex (Alpha Pulse Version) / (Unreleased)
Mick Chillage: Menace / (Unreleased)
Evolutive System: D3 Acid House / Code 316 Records
Brothers on Acid: Wertarbeit / (Unreleased)
DJ Huey: Quazars / (Unreleased)
Dimitri Pike: My Life in The Jungle / Wildtek
Jimidge & Oli Brand: Out Patient / KSS Records
Julian Eustace: Loose Underground (a dee3-mash) / (Unreleased)
Julian Eustace: Stormlifter (a dee3-mash) / (Unreleased)
Mezerik: Loop1 / (Unreleased)

"Loose Underground" is comprised of the two tracks "Loose" and "Underground".
"Stormlifter" is comprised of the two tracks "Strormbreaker" and "Lift".
All four original tracks are released on Static Records.