Thursday, December 31, 2009

CaN vs. thinner (Pt. 2) | V/A datamixed by dee3

Rktic: Evolving North / [thn005]
Rktic: Riding the Pipeline / [thn005]
Dolby: Clockworks / [thn015]
Benfay: Carbon / [thn007]
Nulleins: Tiefrot / [thn006]
Daniel Gardner: Under the Shower Tower (Alland Byallo remix) / [thn101]
Gradient: Deep Performance (Martin Jarl rmx) / [thn113]
Marko F├╝rstenberg: T-Shape / [thn078]
Marko F├╝rstenberg: Porn Infection (Remix) / [thn078]
Benfay: Calamine Click / [thn007]
Leif: Long Way Round (T-Polar Mix) / [thn102]
Sans Soleil: Orange Blue (Ghost Boy) / [thn094]

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Once again, loads of thanks goes to all at Thinner (and Sebastian Redenz, in particular) for the continuing support throughout the CaN-series (past, present and future)!