Saturday, December 15, 2007

CaN vs. thinner (Pt. 1) | V/A datamixed by dee3


Laura Palmer: Evolve / [thn095]-01
Laura Palmer: Evolve (Marko Fürstenberg Remix) / [thn095]-04
Sebastian Redenz: Illusion / [thn010]-04
Surphase & Rktic: Elbwärts / [thn040]-03
LOD: Sol (Marko Fürstenberg Remix) / [thn074]-07
Benfay: Oak / [thn054]-03
Gurtz: Klok (Deluge Remix) / [thn074]-06
Surphase & Rktic: Südschleuse / [thn040]-04
Surphase & Rktic: Tidenhub / [thn040]-01
Jason Corder: Deja Hue / [thn057]-01
Brian Kage: Eight Ways / [thn056]-01

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Compiling a Network v6.0 | V/A - datamixed by dee3


(Intro) Mitch Walcott: The Void between Saturn and Titan | Wildub
Metaflux: Transparent | Tropic
Martin Donath: Foresight | Stadtgruen
Sunner Soul: Lama Loo | Stadtgruen
Georg Neufeld (feat. Astral T): Lakeside People | Stadtgruen
Laura Palmer: Borderline | Thinner
Bitley: 909 Enemies of 101 States | (Unreleased)
Wave Ratio: Zone (Mix 1+2) | (Unreleased)
The Parallel: Spider | (Unreleased)
Ture Sventon: Mörker (Jeff Bennet Remix) | Tropic
Matt Jackson: Water Down the Drain | Tropic
(Intermission) Mitch Walcott/Dimitri Pike: Re-Treatment 03 | Wildub
Carl Taylor: Cryagyn | (Unreleased)
Samuel James: Dew Drops V.2 | Elektrosouls
Royal Underground: Rejazzed | Glam Slam
Mitch Walcott/Dimitri Pike: Re-Treatment 01 | Wildub
System Exclusive: Midway 2.3x | Static Recordings

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Compiling a Network v5.0 | V/A - datamixed by dee3


Veste: Monochord | (Unreleased)
The Parallel: Distant Memory | (Unreleased)
Noise Control: Steel (Corrugated Tunnel Remix) | (Ltd. white label)
Mick Chillage: Looking for Light | (Unreleased)
Ben Businovski: Permanence | Code 316 Recordings
Laura Palmer: Missed | Thinner
Carl Taylor: Jyagyn | (Unreleased)
Unique 3: The Theme (dee3's mix) | (Unreleased)
The Reminder: Lite On | Etiku World Records
Bjørn Svin & Christian Bloch: Københavner | Funque Droppings/Memento
Skyscraeper: Track 1 | Filtered Visions
Julian Eustace: Loose | Electronic Reform/Static Recordings
Julian Eustace: Underground | Electronic Reform
Mick Chillage: Interstate | (Unreleased)
Dimitri Pike: Untitled 1 | Wildtek Virtual - Promo
System Exclusive: Introbitch (Extended) | (Unreleased)

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Compiling a Network v4.0 [R] | V/A - datamixed by dee3


G. Duprey: Urban Nights | Wildub
Rennie Foster: Yakisoba | Code 316 Records
Mick Chillage: Revolutions | (Unreleased)
Evolutive System: D3 Acid House | Code 316 Records
Brothers on Acid: Wertarbeit | (Unreleased)
DJ Huey: Quazars | (Unreleased)
Dirty Boy: The Promise | (Unreleased)
The Parallel: Gradual | (Unreleased)
Vergel Evans: Metal Stabbs | LX7
Kube 72: Skool On | (Pending - t.b.c.)
dee3: Late Nite Drive '07 | F.U.G.M.
Brothers on Acid: Brain Access Network | (Unreleased)
Brothers on Acid: Roma | (Unreleased)
Bjørn Svin & Christian Bloch: Morgenfest | Funque Droppings/Memento
Seb Marx: Nitrous Haze | KSS Records
G. Duprey: Odysee | (Unreleased)

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Compiling a Network v3.0 | V/A - datamixed by dee3


Bern: The Road | Thinner
bvdub: Alone in the Crowd | (Unreleased)
Marko: Fürstenberg Rieth | Thinner
Christian Bloch: Calm | Funque Droppings/Memento
Matthias Springer: Path of Virtue | MFS
Mick Chillage: Without Reason | (Unreleased)
Tom Lehman: Shreeq | (Unreleased)
Vergel Evans: One by Morning | LX7
Rennie Foster: Her Dirty White Pumps | Dirty Works
Timescape: Groove to Moove | Timescape
Dimitri Pike: My Life in the Jungle | Wildtek Virtual
Jimidge & Oli Brand: Out Patient | KSS Records
Kube 72: Kubism (Remix) | Tekknik Exprimental
Kube 72: Putting it Right | Tekknik Exprimental
Brothers on Acid: Transform to Darkness | (Unreleased)
Seb Marx: 1-Minute Labotomy | KSS Records (?)
Sander B.: Komp (Edit) | Lockedgroove
The Parallel: Nanotech | (Unreleased)

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Compiling a Network v2.0 | V/A - datamixed by dee3


Dimitri Pike: MIR Space Complex | Wildtek Virtual
Mick Chillage: Nosis | (Unreleased)
Marko Fürstenberg: T-Shape | Thinner
Entec: Micro | (Unreleased)
Monowai: Lizard (Demo) | (t.b.c.)
Kube 72: Blue Nights (Remix) | Tekknik Experimental
Carl Taylor: Twister (Echodek RMX) | (Unreleased)
LaptopAcidXperience: Jaznite | LAX Recordings
G. Duprey: The Tempest | Wildub
Brian Kage: Eight Ways | Thinner
Dirty Boy: Acid A Go Go! | (Unreleased)
Brothers on Acid: Older than yo School pt.1 | (Unreleased)
Stanislav Tolkachev: Open Cage | Funque Droppings/Memento
Dimitri Pike: My Life in the City r | Wildtek Virtual
Mezerik: Loop 1 | (Unreleased)

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Compiling a Network v1.0 | V/A - datamixed by dee3


Michael Welch: Another World | (Unreleased)
Benfay: Oak | Thinner
Tom Lehman: Motion | (Unreleased)
The Parallel: Solar | (Unreleased)
Christian Bloch: Sternhell | Funque Droppings/Memento
Christian Bloch: Ongoing 1 | Funque Droppings/Memento
Surphase & Rktic: Südschleuse | Thinner
Surphase & Rktic: Tidenhub | Thinner
Mick Chillage: Menace | Unreleased
Roman Zawodny: Mind Games (Elton D remix) | F1 records (promo)
Kube 72: Kubanic | Tekknik Experimental (promo)
flaaps: Deepdiving | C90 Rules OK! (promo)
flaaps: (Unknown) | (Unknown)
Jason Corder: Deja Hue | Thinner
Echodek: Newark Northgate | Unreleased
Dimitri Pike: Increase | Wildtek Virtual
Dimitri Pike: Carnival | Wildtek Virtual
G. Duprey: To the Victor the Spoils 2 | F1 records (promo)