Thursday, December 31, 2009

CaN vs. thinner (Pt. 2) | V/A datamixed by dee3

Rktic: Evolving North / [thn005]
Rktic: Riding the Pipeline / [thn005]
Dolby: Clockworks / [thn015]
Benfay: Carbon / [thn007]
Nulleins: Tiefrot / [thn006]
Daniel Gardner: Under the Shower Tower (Alland Byallo remix) / [thn101]
Gradient: Deep Performance (Martin Jarl rmx) / [thn113]
Marko Fürstenberg: T-Shape / [thn078]
Marko Fürstenberg: Porn Infection (Remix) / [thn078]
Benfay: Calamine Click / [thn007]
Leif: Long Way Round (T-Polar Mix) / [thn102]
Sans Soleil: Orange Blue (Ghost Boy) / [thn094]

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Once again, loads of thanks goes to all at Thinner (and Sebastian Redenz, in particular) for the continuing support throughout the CaN-series (past, present and future)!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CaN vs. 6ONE6 | V/A datamixed by dee3

Detroit People Mover: No Change Same Samey / 6ONE6
Detroit People Mover: Structure / 6ONE6
Detroit People Mover: Sik / 6ONE6
PNM: Blither / 6ONE6
Detroit People Mover: Lapse / 6ONE6
Phrek: Missing Things / 6ONE6
M. Rahn: Rude Stryx / 6ONE6
Miah: Navigator (DPM Remix) / 6ONE6
Mike Dehnert: Raumzeit / 6ONE6
Myles Sergé: I96 (DPM Remix)
Sans Soleil: Air-Sol / 6ONE6
M. Rahn: Retrogram 01 / 6ONE6
M. Rahn: Stryx 08 / 6ONE6
M. Rahn: Confused Mass / 6ONE6
Detroit People Mover: Model One (Extended Mix) / 6ONE6
Miah: Command / 6ONE6
Mike Dehnert: Voices / 6ONE6
Sergio MF Valente vs. Eighty Eight: Could you… / 6ONE6

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Shout-outs, respect and eternal thanks goes to Phrek, Myles and the rest of the 6ONE6-artists for their participation and support...!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

"A Definition of House" | V/A datamixed by dee3

Dorff & Voorhies: Undertow (Original 4-Carina Mix) / Dorff & Voorhies
Metaflux: Transparent / Tropic
Martin Donath: Foresight / Stadtgruen
Sunner Soul: Lama Loo / Stadtgruen
Georg Neufeld (feat. Astral T): Lakeside People / Stadtgruen
Laura Palmer: Borderline / Thinner
Aaron Carl: Tears (Extended Mix) /Electrevival
Aaron Carl: the Struggle (The Plan Remix) / Electrevival
Brian Kage: Eight Ways / Thinner
Royal Underground: Rejazzed / Glam Slam
Rob Keens: The Park / Stadtgruen

This set is also available as a 24-bit/96kHz FLAC-file from the following link: Download the 24-Bit/96kHz FLAC-version of this set

Monday, April 27, 2009

Compiling a Network v10.0 | V/A - datamixed by dee3


Mark Archer: Riser | Mutate
Trace: Try to Die | thinner
Seb Stiemel: Mission Seltsam | Tropic
Miguel Colmenares: Pajaro Tempranero | Tropic
Sans Soleil: Air-Sol | 6ONE6
Dimitri Pike: Techno Technique 01 | Wildtek
The Parallel: Optimized (J. Eustace Remix) | eXhibit B
T-Polar: Schnarf (J. Eustace Remix) | Nice & Nasty
T-Polar: Womenimal (J. Eustace Remix) | Nice & Nasty
Aaron Costelloe: Renounce Enthusiasm | Static Recordings
Catalespia: Jarmenil (J. Eustace Remix) | Nice & Nasty
Julian Eustance: Detached (Fran Hartnet Remix) | Static Recordings
Sergio MF Valente: I96 (DPM Remix) | 6ONE6
Warehouse Trax: A7 | Warehouse Trax
Rob Glennon: Ambush (Fran Hartnet’s Stealth Manoeuvre) | Static Recordings
Rennie Foster: Roughshod (Paul Mac Remix) | Rebirth Rec.
D-Jack: Chaostheracid | Quadrant Recordings
D-Jack: Das Flexhand | Quadrant Recordings
Dimitri Pike: Electrism (Studio version) | Wildtek Virtual Preview
Thomas Mccluskey: Radion 1 | If?

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Compiling a Network v9.0 [R] | V/A - datamixed by dee3


Christian Bloch: Controlled Experiment (Experiment Controlled) | Funque Droppings
Gurtz: Luna | Stadtgruen
Leif: Long Way Round | Thinner
The Parallel: Network Compiled | Takeover Recordings
Mush: TEST 72 (Orlando Voorn remix) | Night Vision Records
Frank Biedermann: Rumble the Bumblebee | Stadtgruen
Aaron Carl: The Struggle (The Plan Remix) | Wallshaker Music
ShhhK: The Only Process | (unreleased)
Mick Chillage: Project Echo | this-side music netlabel
Skyscaeper: Nasty Machine | Filtered Visions Records
Shamus Coghlan: 5000 Miles | 807 Recordings
Igneous: Unite the Tribes | (unreleased)
Julian Eustace: Lift (Kalif Remix) | Static Recordings
Dirty McKenzie: Pull the Trigger | Bass-United Recordings
Shamus Coghlan: 180 Grams | 807 Recordings (Promo)
AEOD: Juice | Wildub
Vergel Evans: Outta Control (Dorff & Voorhies Filthy Mix) | Humanjava Enterprises
Rob Keens: Seek | Stadtgruen

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