Monday, May 26, 2008

CaN via | V/A datamixed by dee3

Matt Jackson: Water Down the Drain / Tropic
Marko Fürstenberg: Porn Infection (Remix) / Thinner
Bjørn Svin & Christian Bloch: Stille Sind (Bloch's Memento Mix) / Fungue Droppings/Memento
Gareth Duprey: Untitled Audio#02 (Dimitri Pike Remix) / Wildub
Carl Taylor: Anagyn / (Unreleased)
The Reminder: Lite On / Etiku World Rec.
Roger van Lunteren: Octoplex (Alpha Pulse Version) / (Unreleased)
Mick Chillage: Menace / (Unreleased)
Evolutive System: D3 Acid House / Code 316 Records
Brothers on Acid: Wertarbeit / (Unreleased)
DJ Huey: Quazars / (Unreleased)
Dimitri Pike: My Life in The Jungle / Wildtek
Jimidge & Oli Brand: Out Patient / KSS Records
Julian Eustace: Loose Underground (a dee3-mash) / (Unreleased)
Julian Eustace: Stormlifter (a dee3-mash) / (Unreleased)
Mezerik: Loop1 / (Unreleased)

"Loose Underground" is comprised of the two tracks "Loose" and "Underground".
"Stormlifter" is comprised of the two tracks "Strormbreaker" and "Lift".
All four original tracks are released on Static Records.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

CaN via Teknology | V/A datamixed by dee3

Originally aired on Dimitri Pike's "Teknology"-show whilst on

This set comprises of a selection tracks used previously on
the CaN v2.0- and v3.0-sets,and was/is meant as sampler for
the Compiling a Network-promo mix series; for more details - go: